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Introduction to Becoming Peacemakers

Some years ago, I was very fortunate to be given a small booklet that was written by Christian Minister J.F. Webb based on his notes from Sunday sermons he gave on the Beatitudes

All I know was that the Beatitudes were considered to be the sayings of Jesus, and to quote J.F. Webb, "they are not self-explanatory and their very simplicity is deceptive."

In J.F. Webb's postscript to his booklet, he stated "these notes on the Beatitudes are offered simply to stimulate, or provoke your thoughts. "As I did this, I got to see the Beatitudes as a system of learning that helps us grow as human beings.

This Model, and the descriptions of each area are a system of learning based upon the inspiration the Beatitudes .To quote J.F. Webb I offer them " simply to stimulate and provoke your thoughts".    

Becoming Peacemakers