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Thank you for visiting my site.

I have chosen to share the personal insights on this Website with the hope they may help others in their own journey of exploration.

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Bob Tales are short essays about learning from life's experiences. They are offered not as proven facts, but as input to dialog on matters that influence; the capability of individuals and organization's to learn, the quality of life and the health and well being of our planet as a whole.

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I've prepared the longer documents in this section as a personal record of my thoughts at different stages in my life's journey. They focus on specific concepts I considered relevant in my learning and personal growth.  The documents can be read as a whole or by individual section.


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A Media Presentation
the Wonder and Promise of an Evolving Humanity

"Wherever we choose to look beyond the distressing outward appearances of our changing world, the doors of life are wide open"

"The place to start is with ourselves"